Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I just saved Kelly H. 300% or more on her car insurance....


     Today I want to share one of the many great success stories that Pugmire Insurance has on a weekly basis!  Kelly H. has been with Farmers since see started driving 15 years ago.  She figured she was on her parent's policy and that they must be getting the best rate out there...  Kelly figured her parents had already done their homework. 

     Kelly brought me her coverage information on her current policy stating that she was paying $1700.00 every six months! Wow, I knew right away that based on her age and driving record that she was paying too much. I ran a FREE rate quote with our 30 + companies and found a great local company to meet her needs for $542.50.  That's a savings of over $2,300 a year!!!!!  Think of the money she could have saved over those 15 years if she would have shopped 15 years ago. That's a bunch of dough!
      What can we learn from Kelly's example?  First, just because you've been with an agent or company for years, doesn't mean that they have the best rates available.  Second, Farmers Insurance is know as a "Captive Agent."  they offer 1 to 2 different auto insurance products owned by the same company.  Kelly really limited her options by not shopping around.  Pugmire Insurance shops over 30+ companies to find the lowest rates possible.  We are known as an "Independent Agent," meaning we can write for many different companies like Bear River Mutual, AAA, Progressive, Travelers Insurance, United Underwriters and many more!  Typically 9 times out of 10, we can beat your current rate with your captive agent. Third, don't get too comfortable with a name or agent unless you know that you are getting the best rate available and that periodically they are shopping around for you! 

We'll keep you posted on other success stories of our clients.  If you would like to know how you can get the Kelly H. experience, call Nick at 801-262-7500.  Voted best of Salt Lake in Auto insurance for 2 years in a row, you can't afford not to call!

Nick Barber

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